In our startup journey, there have been quite a few milestone. Today is another such occasion.

Gyrix is proud to announce our engagement with AlreadyBuilt as an Implementation Partner.


Founded in 2016, AlreadyBuilt is a Startup from Sydney, Australia. It is a B2B marketplace to buy and sell commercially proven solutions with the moto of “Wheel reinvention prevention”.

During our journey at Gyrix, there were many instances where new clients had similar requirements as to the ones that we had already developed for some other client earlier. Due to IP and copyrights limitations, we could not pass on the benefits to the new clients and they had to invest in re-developing the same solution from scratch. We had realized a gap in the market, but could not find an immediate solution.

Soon enough, we came across Mr. Dane Eldridge’s profile on Linkedin, saw something interesting listed there and quickly scheduled a call. We both were excited to learn about each other’s profile and depth of work. There was an immediate synchronization of thoughts. Gyrix shared additional information to qualify through AlreadyBuilt’s stringent on-boarding process. After few weeks of deliberation, AlreadyBuilt confirmed Gyrix as the first ever off-shore Implementation partner.

This engagement opens up new opportunities for both the companies and provide a definite win-win. We wish AlreadyBuilt and it’s team all the Success together !

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